Northaven Church, Dallas, Texas.

Things We Do

Architectural Acoustics

The design of the acoustical environment to complement the activities• The design of building assemblies• Field tests for acoustical

criteria such as reverberation time (RT), sound transmission class (STC), and impact insulation class (IIC). LEED® reviews. Solutions to meet 2021 IBC Requirements for classrooms.

MEP Noise & Vibration Control

The review of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing system. 

Noise mitigation of generators. Noise measurements for 

data centers.

Environmental Noise Study

Analysis of automobile, railroad, and aircraft noise. Noise study and the mitigation to meet HUD/TDHCA regulations, and local ordinances. The study of outdoor mechanical equipment to meet the zoning ordinance.

Sound System Design

The design of the sound system to complement the acoustical environment and to augment the music and the speech.